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Reduce Cost

ClinCard System

The ClinCard System reduces costs associated with patient payments by an average of 60% using technology to eliminate inefficient, multi-step, manual workflows.

Reduce Administration

ClinCard System

The ClinCard System reduces administration associated with patient payments by over 90%!

eliminate_admin_chartTraditional manual processes require at least 4‐6 unique administrative steps taking 12 or more minutes to issue a single patient payment. The ClinCard System reduces this process to a single click in Greenphire’s web‐based portal, or less than 20 seconds per payment.

Eliminate Risk

ClinCard System

The ClinCard System incorporates configurable approval workflows that allow authorized client approvers to control the release of global patient payments while maintaining blinded patient identities.

The ClinCard platform can also be configured on a site by site basis to include payment ceilings, floors, reimbursement formulas, and other validation functionality to ensure that patients are paid correctly and eliminating the possibility that payments are made outside of IRB and ethics committee approvals.

Centralize Global Payment Execution

ClinCard System

Centralizing global patient payment distribution enables Greenphire’s users to implement a single solution to automate diverse manual payment processes.


Our clients have access to a complete audit trail of all global payments, while maintaining blinded patient identities. This gives our clients access to patient payment data that has never before been accessible for analytics and compliance purposes.

Additionally, centralizing global payment distribution can eliminate foreign exchange risk by utilizing a single currency account to distribute payments in local currency in over 200 countries worldwide.

Increase Retention & Compliance

ClinCard System

The ClinCard System combines real-time patient payment delivery, in local currency, with automated patient messaging programs, in local languages, to improve the patient experience, engage the patient between visits and drive positive patient behavior.


The ClinCard System has been shown to increase retention by up to 11.7% and, by integrating patient payments and electronic messaging with ePRO, the ClinCard System can directly and positively impact compliance rates.