Pushing the envelope
means getting rid of
the envelope.

Greenphire puts the power of technology in your hands to make
global clinical payments simpler, faster and easier to track.

Automate global clinical payments
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The Greenphire Effect at Work:
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Managing global site payments can be expensive and a little overwhelming with everything else I have going on. And manual processes don’t make my life any easier.


Greenphire does what no one else has up to this point. By creating a technology-driven solution to manage site payments, Greenphire reduces our costs by about 40%, and their technology lets me see clinical financial analytics that I never had available in the past.

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Keeping an eye on costs is the name of the game. Managing costs is good but reducing them is even better. So I’m always trying to find ways to reduce risk and eliminate inefficiencies wherever I can.


Greenphire’s technologies are designed to eliminate waste and centralize global payment management. Their technology solutions can be deployed in over 200 countries, eliminating manual processeses on a global basis. Greenphire helps us reduce costs, increase payment security and accuracy, and reduce risk.

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Research Sites

Control is a good thing. A very good thing. I obsess over details because the success or failure of any study happens right here, at the site level. It’s my job to make sure that patients get paid, have a positive experience, and make it
back for their next visit.


Greenphire’s ClinCard System puts control in my hands. It combines web-based global payment technology with messaging functionality to help me reduce costs, eliminate administrative burden, and mitigate risk at my site, and improve retention, compliance, and the overall clinical experience for my patients. All of which are very good things.

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